• Drop support for Python 3.5.

  • (breaking change) adopy.base.Task takes labels of response variables as the argument responses. Instead, the possible values for the response variables should be given to adopy.base.Engine as an argument named grid_response.

  • (breaking change) adopy.base.Model takes a log likelihood function for an argument func now, instead of the probability function for a single binary response variable. The log likelihood function can take multiple response variables.

  • (breaking change) The compute method in adopy.base.Model provides the log likelihood function now, instead of the probability of a single binary response variable.

  • Using multiple response variables is available now!

  • adopy.base.Engine now can update multiple observations, given as a list of designs and a list of corresponding responses into design and response arguments, respectively.

  • Now, you can choose what datatype to use for adopy.base.Engine, with an argument named dtype. The default is numpy.float32.

  • Remove unusing types at base (#26; contributed by @NicholasWon47)


A minor update due to PyPI configuration. It has the exact same features as the previous version.


This is the first version released publicly. It includes following modules: